the devil’s entertainment


ever wondered what’s on TV in hell?

ever wondered what price, what sacrifice

you might pay for your earthly

misdemeanours and vice

entertainment wise?

what price you might pay

for telling that fib to the post office lady

regarding your car tax

or peeking through the curtains

of the ladies dressing rooms

in TK Maxx?

for that time you did twenty three

in a twenty two zone

and watched all that porn

when you were “working from home?”

for parking the rangerover

on double yellow lines

and pretending to be disabled

to avoid all the fines?

for that time you forgot your wife’s dress size

and just guessed

and knocked up your secretary

whacked out on meth?

for leaving the fridge open all night

and blaming your kids

and for letting your life with your wife go cold

and still blaming your kids?

for that grape you eat every week

in the fruit and veg aisle

and the drunken rape you commit

every friday night in the name

of conjugal rights?

what price you might pay

for ignoring your wife

when really you’d heard her

and two years later

that charge for her murder?

ever wondered what’s on TV in hell?

let me tell you what price

entertainment wise

that you’ll pay

for your dirty deeds and procrastination
it’s the barefoot contessa on heavy rotation