moths or Van Gogh

For anyone reading this in America or Canada, I would like to point out that over here in England, Van Gogh does rhyme with moth.  I thank you.

Oh also, apologies to any Dutch readers. And Russians. And wasps.

i don’t negotiate with therapists

or artisan bakers

Dutchmen or rabbits

i don’t trust dentists

strippers or magicians

marzipan or fences

i don’t believe in vicars

al qaeda or moths

marmite or Van Gogh

i don’t understand electricity

dreamcatchers or sexual tension

not to mention, helium and the Russian orthodox church

i don’t know anything about cricket

palestine or haitian choreographers

prosthetic limbs, all butter thins

gin rummy or cholera

i don’t like wasps and feng shui

majorettes and saints days

i don’t like that face you pull when I put my feet up on the coffee table

and your hideously over inflated sense of self-importance

i don’t negotiate with therapists

sailors or ukulele players

i don’t negotiate with anyone

least of all, me