penny blackface

that’s a penny change,

thanks, i grimace back

committing another copper disc

to the ranks of the unloved

a miserable life down the back of the couch

or swimming forever in the dark of my jeans

or letting it drop into a dubious charity box

you know the one, for homeless hedgehogs with ADD

or the one with a fox, there’s always one with a fox

why isn’t everything a pound?

it’s 2015, for God’s sake

we’re not still dealing with florins and groats

or bartering your sister or your sister’s goats

the world’s gone plastic, so there is no need for coins

but i’ve got an idea; a really sweet plan

let’s get them all collected and melted down

and made into towns for homeless mammals

with poor attention spans

OK, so maybe not

but a world without pennies, is a world

of cleaner sofas and hedgehog towns

and a world where no ones trousers

keep on falling down

i’m going to write a letter to the IMF

suggesting the abolition of denominations less

than 50 pence or cents

and the reinstatement of “Blackface Dollars”

(after that lawsuit, i’ve got nothing left)

so, let’s get together, us, the 1%

make it evident, we’ve had enough

shout it from the rooftops, it’s time to #changeourchange

let’s march on Wall Street, bring it out in the open

and witness the demise of

the world’s most unpopular monetary token