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Something I scribbled for the Creative Talents Unleashed Facebook page.
Very kind of them to repost it.
Thank you. BFGx

Creative Talents Unleashed


The Burden

This image bears testament to the burden of betterment.
It is distinctly human to try to “better” ourselves. It is a learned characteristic. From a young age, our parents tell us we have to “be” something. Our schools force us into career decision making at 14 years old, and unless you’re lucky enough to know then your life’s destiny, you are left thrashing in the dust – eventually plumping for doctor, lawyer or (in my case) trout farmer.
It’s no wonder so many of us, confused, reach for the guitar or the pen.

In our artistic lives we fall into the same trap, still searching blindly for success and for some meaning. We set unreachable goals for ourselves and, when we know in our hearts that there are really only two possible realities to this essentially meaningless journey – misery and money* – why do we still love…

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