six legs, six breasts

and the rest

my greatest invention yet

with all three of her heads

turning heads

they’re tricky to ignore

for sure

they’ll leave you impressed

impeccably dressed and manicured

it’s impossibly hard to remove them

from shoe stores

a force to be reckoned with

sexually speaking

it might be the night of your life

that stitched-up foursome

of which you’ve been dreaming

but taking part

is not for faint heart

but if you think you can take it

i give you fair warning that

they’re a pretty freaky naked lot

and in the light of the morn

they resemble

an amputee pawn shop
and if you’re wondering

which one’s the “real” her?

she’ll soon let you know

when she’s full of tequila

on a saturday night

and dancing to bieber

and you try to feel her

and two pairs of legs

remain on the floor

while one pair swing up

and your balls are no more