blackfacefacts: art


The words artisan and artist bear a striking similarity, don’t they? What do you mean “no”?

Anyway, that’s because they are related and originate from the Proto-Germanic stem árkrwraz, which can be roughly translated as “not cut out for farming”.  In the common era, as society and language evolved and grew ever more complex, a greater level of definition was required, so there came to be distinct differences in their meanings.

One is a craftsman, who most likely has toiled from a young age, with a passion burning in his chest, to render the finest possible quality product.  Highly skilled in his or her trade, they will stop at nothing to create something of exquisite worth and authenticity.  They are obsessed with the tenets of aesthetics and design whilst modestly cultivating the power to touch the human soul.  Put simply, they are conduits to the apex of our artistic existences.
The other is an artisan. (He’s the one with the beard, selling overpriced chutney.)