remote work

Network cables_2

copywriter required

six cents a word

proven track record

personal best

for hot-eye clickable content

for fresh young online pub

kicking out jams on

pool halls and tar pits

lyme disease and squash

penny whistles and two-bed lofts

caramel phagocytes and silkworm thought

turmeric-colored sweater vests and ambient chalk

the magnetic hills and first-look tomtom pranks

old-school broken necks and winter’s breathy chuckle

the fifteen percent of people who think in french

when they make fuck with their partners

in south-southeastern ontario

six cents a word

six cents a word

six cents a word

blackfacegeneralisms: word up


Did you know:

That the words apocalypse and calypso have the same etymology?

One is our first and final true experience of hell come to earth – where the ground will shake and our backs will crack; tribes of unearthly demons of all colors, shapes and sizes will rise and drink the blood of the vine of the earth, wailing and gnashing their teeth and fornicating before the mighty lamb of Zion. Repent, for it is said that “…where the sun scorches the sand, you will witness the fall of Babylon.”
The other is the apocalypse.